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(literature) RUMPELSTILTSKIN Form 2 ~lin~

The story of rumpelstiltskin retold by Angela Lanyon is a very interesting story.



   Lisa was a humble girl who lived with her parents in a small cottage in a village.Her parents were very proud of her and were always telling people how wonderful their daughter was.One day,the King visited the village and tasted Lisa's delicious apple pie.Lisa's parents boasted to the King that Lisa was so clever she could do anything,even spin straw into gold.
   The King took Lisa to the palace and ordered her to spin a heap of straw into gold.Lisa was worried and began to weep.That night, a strange little man entered her room and offered to help her in exchange for her necklace.The next morning, the King was delighted to see the room full of gold.However,the King wanted more.This time,the King took Lisa to the tower and ordered her to spinall the straw there into gold.Lisa was very scared as she had nothing left to give the little man if he appeared again.Her father advised Lisa to promise the little man anything he wanted.That night,the little man came and asked for Lisa's first-born son in return for his help.Lisa remembered her father's advice and agreed.The next morning,when the King saw the tower full of gold,he was overjoyed and asked Lisa to marry him.
   One year later,when Lisa's son was born,the little man came to take the baby away.Lisa begged him not to take the  baby and they struck a deal.If Lisa could guess the little man's name in three days,he would not take the baby away.On the first two days,Lisa could not guess the little man's name.Then, Lisa's parents followed the little man to the woods.While he was singing and dancing,he mentioned his name.The next day,when the little man came,Lisa guessed his name correctly;Rumpelstiltskin.The little man stomped out angrily,leaving th baby behind.
   Lisa's parents learnt their lesson and promised never to be boast again.

1.We must not be boastful.
2.We must always find ways to solve our problems.
3.We must not be greedy.
4.We must think before we speak.

stomped-walk out quickly.

i also inserted useful information that can u use in your exam...


1.Describe a moment of high anxiety in the play,Rumpelstiltskin and explain why it is such an anxious moment.Provide evidence from the text to support your answer.

   In 'Rumpelstiltskin', the moment of high anxiety is when Rumpelstiltskin comes back to remind the queen of her promise to give him her first-born child.It is a tense moment for the King,the Queen and Lisa's parents.
   The Queen had made the promise in desperation because she had nothing else to give the strange little man after he had helped her a third time to spin a tower full of straw into gold.The King had kept his promise ,married Lisa and a year had passed and both now have a baby sn.
   It  is a family picture of bliss in the nursery with the adults playing with the baby.The happy moment is clouded by the sudden entry of the man.The queen seems to have forgotten her promise to the strange little man.For a moment,it looks as if even the King's power
might not be able to stop the little man from taking away the child.He is not assuaged by the offer of gold from the Queen and comes close to get the baby.
   Then,all of a sudden,there is a relief when he strikes a deal with the Queen to tell him his name within three days.The Queen is given a three-day reprieve to find out what his name is.Only then,does the tension ease a bit.

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